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The first unique gastro-ecological oasis in Istria.

Ursaria is the name of our olive groves planted in a unique location directly on the cliffs of the Lim Channel Nature Park, along St. Romuald's path. Our full obligation is indeed to preserve the environment, and above all the nature park. By doing so we guarantee that our olive groves are 100% ecological (organic) and that they are maintained under strict and constant supervision.

In our olive groves there is a tasting room where we provide a gastronomic experience of local Istrian delicacies. Besides olives, figs, khakis, jujubes and various aromatic herbs (Lavender, Immortelle) have also been planted, which synergistically complement even a kind of aromatherapeutic biodiversity of orchards.

A part of the olive groves dates back to the 18th century, about 4 ha of plantations are dominated by old autochthonous varieties, mainly Istarska bjelica, and Rosignola and Buža. The total area of ​​olive groves "Ursaria" is 21 ha. There are about 5,000 trees, of which the following varieties are represented: Istarska bjelica, Buža, Rosignola, Leccino, Pendolino, Picholina and Oblica. Over 70% of the planted olives are autochthonous varieties, among which Istarska bjelica dominates, while the Leccino variety among the foreign ones.

Our main activity is the production of olive oil and olive-based products. "Ursaria oil" is also the main production brand of our company, which is known as an oil of exceptional quality within the rich offer of olive oils. It is produced in an eco-friendly (bio) way, which we confirm with an ecological certificate.

High standards of production according to the strict rules of organic agriculture, manual harvesting and proper storage make all our oils high quality ones, which is confirmed by numerous awards. Organic olive oil Ursaria is produced separately by varieties (single-variety) with one blend (oil of paired varieties) called Ursaria oil.

The name "Ursaria" is inherited from one of the old names of the settlement Vrsar (lat. Ursaria, Ursarium, Vrsarium, Orsaria; Italian Orsera), which has its roots in the former term "ur" which is supposed to mean "source". Namely, the entire coastline between Funtana and Vrsar used to be called Ursaria, (we would say "springs" today), since sailors often stopped here on their voyages to replenish the ship's drinking water supplies.

Urrsaria proizvodi




Oil of paired varieties. The ideal mixture of varieties Istarska bjelica, Buža and Rosignola, Leccino and Pendolino. Besides its Intense scent of green olive fruit, it is characterized by intense as well as even bitterness and spiciness. It perfectly complements all dishes with its rich aroma and taste.



Oil from the Italian variety Leccino, which has been grown in Istria since the 1940s. It is characterized by a fresh, medium-intense taste and aroma of green olives, grass and green tomatoes. Moreover, it has a well-balanced mild piquancy and bitterness with light floral notes. It enriches fish and seafood dishes with its freshness, and it is well sampled with fresh cheeses and cottage cheese desserts.



Extra virgin olive oil from the autochthonous Istrian variety Rossignola (Rošinjola) cro. Rosulja. It has an extremely intense aroma and taste of green olive fruit. Moreover, it is known for its intense bitterness and piquancy. It is well sampled with mature cheeses, venison and mushroom dishes, as well as almond and hazelnut desserts.



Oil from the autochthonous Istrian variety Buža. It has an intense aroma of olive fruit, fresh-cut grass, radicchio and almonds. Furthermore, it is characterized by its Intense fruity taste, even bitterness and spiciness. It is well sampled with mature cheeses, grilled red meat, thick soups and maneštra.



Spicy olive oil based on hot peppers (chilli). It is obtained by maceration of hot peppers in extra virgin olive oil. It is characterized by mild hotness, taste and smell of chili peppers. It represents an ideal spice for homemade pizza and all dishes that should be lightly spiced.



Homemade Istrian prosciutto

Tasting room

Taste a typical homemade Istrian prosciutto and Istrian cheese in a unique location in the middle of our organic olive grove with a beautiful view of the Lim Channel. Enjoy sipping our homemade red or white wine or some stronger local homemade spirits.

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